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Galena Bakehouse


Everything at Galena Bakehouse is homemade daily from scratch. We sellout daily to avoid wasting food.


As a convenience to our locals & regulars, we offer our standard menu items available for preorder 48 hours in advance. Please e-mail us if you have a large order.

CLICK HERE to preorder more than 40 treats or to request an item that is not on the menu. (We may require 14 days notice for large orders.)

**Please email, call or visit us to plan a large pre-order.**

Galena Bakehouse Menu.PNG
Galena Picnic Basket Rentals

Turn our menu into a picture perfect picnic.

Galena Bakehouse Picnic Basket Rentals

Picnic Basket Rentals are first come, first serve.

GBH has all of the drink upgrades.

21 and over only.

Add on cans of wine, beer, or mixers to your order.

We have a full espresso bar with locally roasted coffee!


Galena Bakehouse Beverage
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