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Meet Geoff & Alex: Owners of Galena Bakehouse

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Just like the town of Galena, Illinois Geoff and Alex have a LOT of history. Creating Galena Bakehouse has been a dream come true on multiple levels. The couple is so thrilled to call Galena home and serve freshly baked & homemade delights to locals and tourists!

Us in a nutshell...

Both were both raised in the Midwest (Geoff north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Alex in Cleveland, Ohio). They are excited to return to their roots while living in the heart of the Midwest and mingling with Midwest-nice folks!

These New Yorkers have decided to leave the Big Apple for a slice of humble pie. They made a cross country move to historic Galena in July 2019.

Geoff was a pastry chef in New York City. He also planned and managed high end events for a hospitality group. Alex was an Arts Programmer for a theatre & nature center in Ohio for two years. He also worked in New York real estate for several years and helped create their events, and partnership programs.

More about Geoff

Having grown up in a small midwestern town, Geoff began cooking and baking at a young age and brings 20+ years of experience working in nearly all positions of the restaurant and hospitality industry.

Geoff also worked for many years in the event industry in New York City.

Most recently he has fulfilled the role of Innkeeper/Chef at the Felt Manor Bed and Breakfast in Galena where he prepared a gourmet breakfast daily for guests.

More about Alex

Alex resided in New York City for 14 years and created the upscale events and partnership program for real estate developer, The Brodsky Organization.

Previously, Alex was the Arts Community Programmer with Ohio MetroParks.

He was also a professional theatre performer and choreographer/director. He has held various positions in hospitality including catering, bartending, luxury real estate, and is an experienced bed and breakfast Innkeeper.

His skills as a social media content creator and manager grew multiple companies.

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