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Does Galena Bakehouse Sellout?

And other FAQ.

We freshly bake each menu item daily, and we can sell out quickly of select pastries.

Our macarons are handmade in house. We laminate our doughs in house. We create our sauces, fillings, and buttercreams in house, too. We've got a lot to do and a small team, so, yes, we do sellout!

Check out a few FAQ below.

Fresh food made daily... that's our jam.

Can I order food in advance at Galena Bakehouse?

Yes, honey!

You can pre-order food 30 days in advance and the pre-order menu closes 48 hours in advance. Make sure to order food 2 days before you want to pick it up. ;)

Which Galena Bakehouse pastries sellout first?

We never know, and that's part of the fun!

Laminated pastries, like raspberry danishes, scones, and cinnamon rolls are hot commodities, as well as empanadas in general. We continuously bake fresh empanadas and cookies throughout the day, so we try our hardest to keep these stocked & available.

We always have coffee, macarons, & granola!

Select empanada flavors can sellout at any given time, so if you're feeding a group we recommend pre-ordering 48 hours in advance or calling the bakery in the morning.

Does Galena Bakehouse offer the same pastry items everyday?

We do not. We try to offer the local favorites every morning and at lunch. Cinnamon Rolls are only available on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Seasonal favorites, such as Pumpkin muffins are baked up in the fall/winter.

Lemon muffins are baked up in the spring/summer.

Our talented bakers are always trying something new. Come see what they've created today.

Does Galena Bakehouse offer the same sweets everyday?

We bake up our jumbo cookies and macarons daily. Our other desserts are just for fun for that weekend or offered with holiday menus.

Our talented bakers are always trying something new. Come see what they've created today.

Weekday Bakes & Slow Season at Galena Bakehouse: Please note, on slower days we try extra hard not to waste food. We can run out EARLY during the colder months, especially on Mondays, Thursdays, or Fridays. We recommend calling the bakery in the morning if you have a specific item that you are looking for. If you are planning a weekday getaway to Galena, you can pre-order pastries, sweets & coffee here.

What does Galena Bakehouse do on frigid days or during a snow storm?

We have been known to be open on weekends during inclement weather if a few of our staff can make it in. There is a possibility that we can be closed if inclement weather occurs. We recommend calling the bakery or checking our Instagram or Facebook for instant updates.

Can I order items that are not our the Galena Bakehouse pre-order menu?

Can Galena Bakehouse cater for large groups? We can cater for groups! Send us an email for a group breakfast, brunch, and lunch inquiries. We often bake for corporate morning meetings, bridal party breakfasts/grooms party breakfasts, large friend/family parties, bed & breakfast meals/welcome gifts, bachelorette/bachelor parties, office treats, and select wholesalers.

You can pre-order food up to 48 hours in advance.

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